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Villa dos Corais Pousada - RESPONSIBLE TOURISM

The “Villa dos Corais” is committed to the practices of responsible tourism and to the preservation of our environment.

Respect for others, the environment, and governmental regulations, the valuing of human dignity, solidarity, the promotion of healthy work habits, and investment in the community are concepts that we practice and encourage.

We exist in a fragile and delicate environment, which deserves to be carefully preserved. For this, we contribute with some sustainability practices:

  • Use of solar energy to heat water.
  • Efficient management of energy usage, with the use of sensors and low-consumption light bulbs.
  • Underground electrical wiring, without impact on the flora and fauna.
  • Private water capturing and treatment station.
  • Use of anaerobic septic tanks.
  • Intense campaign for the conscientious use of water.
  • Use of non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Exclusive use of certified and reforested wood.
  • Use of local labor.
  • Selective waste collection and organic waste composting.
  • Environmental preservation and cleaning of the beaches with the inn staff.
  • Orientation and training for environmental and ecological awareness of our collaborators.